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The Perfect Fit

My daughter, Lauren, is a runner. It’s not genetic. I will only run if something is chasing me, or if dark chocolate is involved.

I like to walk. For over a decade I have worn a certain brand of shoe, made especially for women. I am terribly loyal to them. There is some pain in walking, though. I develop painful blisters and callouses on my toes after only one 2 mile walk. I know this, so I bind my toes in moleskin or Band-Aids to help stop the blistering. I have been doing this for over 10 years. That could be the definition of insanity.

Just last month Lauren needed new running shoes so we went to the Greenville Running Company (GRC). The store had a cool machine you could step on and have your feet analyzed. I don’t run, but I like cool machines, so I hopped on. I bear most of my weight on my heel, I have really high arches, but the big surprise is that I need a size larger in running shoes than I normally wear.

Thanks to a really knowledgeable staff and a persuasive daughter, I left the store with beautiful red running shoes that I was assured were great for walkers. And, they were a size larger than I had been wearing for over ten years.

What a difference the right size makes!! A perfect fit. Now I take walks with no pain, no bandages, no blisters. Thank you Karen and Jeff at GRC!

Why did I finally make the change, when I had been living with pain for so many years?

  1. Someone cared. Lauren encouraged me to try, and to not settle, but to go for better.
  2. Someone knew their stuff. The staff at the running shoe store was knowledgeable about their product and taught us the hows and whys as they fit us in our shoes.
  3. I tried. I slipped on the shoes and walked around in the store. WOW. Even in that short time I could get a glimpse of what I had been missing… the perfect fit.

So where is my perfect fit this year, besides my pretty red shoes, of course. God has called me to be a mobilizer, and I love that. But there are so many other daily opportunities, too. Where are yours?

Where is your perfect fit this year? Is God urging you to step out of whatever is binding in your life so that you can be a part of ministry in your neighborhood, your community, the world?

Find someone who knows their stuff.  American Baptist International Ministries is dedicated to serving volunteers. Their volunteer team lives to encourage, engage, and educate God’s people as they seek to serve. We are accredited members of Standards of Excellence of Short Term Mission (SOE) They have met the seven standards, and continue to strive for excellence as they serve God and you.

TRY! You never know what fits until you try. I am pretty sure my new shoes weren’t God ordained, but trusting in God’s call and faithfulness is. Maybe your perfect fit is as simple as rocking babies at a day care, or a hospital in your own community. Pray about what God is asking of you.

It’s a new year! Step out of your old shoes and into new. Join me; let’s keep each other company as we walk 2015 together!

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Colossians 3:17