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Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

There was a boy in college who used to come through my checkout line at the bookstore.  His name was Justin Case.  Say it out loud.  Yep.  I think of him a lot.  I must, since I say his name frequently.

I need to save this piece of yarn, Justin Case.

I better stock up on tamales, Justin Case.

We should move all the plants inside, Justin Case.

Sometimes, Justin Case is necessary.  Like tying down all the deck furniture and moving the plants inside before a hurricane.

But Justin Case can be a symptom of worry and a lack of faith.  And he has a cousin.. What If?

When God provided manna in the wilderness he did so with specific instructions through Moses. “And Moses said to them, “Let no man leave any of it till the morning.” But they did not listen to Moses; some left part of it till the morning, and it bred worms and became foul; and Moses was angry with them. Morning by morning they gathered it, each as much as he could eat; but when the sun grew hot, it melted.”  Exodus 16: 19-21

When Jesus told us to pray “Give us each day our daily bread”  Matthew 6:11  Did he mean it?

As I look around my life, I realize that I need to let go of Justin Case.   I really didn’t know him that well, anyway.  And I need to banish his cousin What If.

Taking one day, one minute, one breath at a time helps keeps me in the moment with God.  Some breaths are jagged, some minutes long, and some days feel like they will never end, but knowing that there is One who will give me what I need… not what I necessarily want…every single day is an amazing comfort.

Loving God,

Give us each day our daily bread.

Our daily



… peace

… courage

… joy

… grace

… mercy

Keep us grounded in today.

Not yesterday, we can’t change the past.

Not tomorrow, worrying about the future can paralyze us.

Open our eyes to your gifts in the present.

Mobilize us to multiply your gifts to bless others.


Stepping out of the Junk

Today, during my centering prayer time, I saw Jesus.

I was standing in my yard surrounded by my “stuff”

Not material things.

My baggage.





Self Doubt,




All littering my space.

Distracting me. Dragging me down.

Killing my spirit. Paralyzing me.


When I looked up I saw Jesus across the street.

He beckoned.

C’mon, my love.

Cross the divide.

Leave the junk.

Just focus on me.

You remember,

The one who died for you.

The one who carries you.

The one who wipes away every tear.


I took the first step…..

Spider Webs

When I was listening to God this morning, I saw the image of a spider web.  Almost invisible, but strong, and blocking my way.

Maybe you have walked through a spider web. An observer can find it somewhat humorous, watching the unsuspecting human flail about, trying to get through that sticky, barely discernible web. Once through, you can still feel the remains clinging to your hair, your lips, your eyelashes, your fingers.  You hope beyond hope that the resident of the web has not also relocated to your body.

We know enough to slow down for speed bumps, avoid potholes, and stop at walls. We can see those blocks. Our minds react with alternate routes.

The barely visible spider webs of life are more difficult. We need to move forward, but don’t know where to start, and there’s the spider.  Someone or something that will be disturbed. Sometimes it is just easier to stay put than to go through. But staying in one place doesn’t encourage growth.

I have been trying to identify the invisible blocks that are keeping me in one place.





What ifs


Opinions of others

The spider webs, the invisible walls, of our lives keep us from experiencing the very best God offers to us.  What might your spider webs be?  What is keeping you from moving forward in your faith, from drawing closer to God.  How are spider webs paralyzing you in your life?

For me, there will always be spider webs, but recognizing they are there, and stepping forward in faith will keep me from being paralyzed in my own fears and growing ever closer towards the person God created me to be.

Watch Your Language!

Did you ever hear “watch your language!” as you were growing up, raising children, or maybe even out on a sports field?  I sure did, and I hardly ever swear.  Yep, hardly ever.  I love Jesus but I cuss a little.  Very little, but you can still pray for me.

It has been 12 years since my first mission trip, and in those 12 years I have been learning a second language.  Not Spanish, Thai, Serbian, Arabic, Japanese, or any other ethnic language of a country I have visited.  Not at all.  I have been trying to learn the language of mutual partnership, humble servanthood, and human dignity.

How do we, the church in the USA, talk about short term missions?

Are we going to do something for someone? Or are we walking alongside them, supporting what they are already doing?
Did we decide to go somewhere?  Or were we invited by a missionary or national partner already serving in the area?
Are we talking about what can we give to the community we visit? Or are we interested in what we can learn about the community, God’s work in the world, and the faithful brothers and sisters reaching others with the gospel?

do something vs walk alongside
decide to go vs invitation
giving vs learning

Our words and actions carry a great deal of weight.  When we enter a community with the attitude that may convey “I’ve got it but you don’t” or “I am here to do it because you can’t”, we rob our brothers and sisters of dignity through our best efforts to help.

As I grow in my relationship with Jesus, meet God in the place of grace, and practice mutual partnership, humble servanthood, and lifting up human dignity, I am becoming more consistent speaking my second language when talking about short term missions.  I am not perfect, not by a long shot.

I invite you, sisters and brothers, to hold me accountable and to join me in watching your language as you talk about short term missions and put into practice this second language… and make it our first language, rooted in love, respect, and grace.

reposted from my Volunteers in Global Missions blog 2014

Lighthearted Venting…

I was inspired to write this after my morning walk…

Walkin’ round the hood
In the early morning sun,
Talkin’ with my friend
And havin’ lots of fun

When I got home 
I was feelin’ pretty blue
I smelled somethin’ awful
It was dog poo on my shoe 

Walked around the house
Before I sniffed it out
Spent an hour cleanin’
Tryin’ not to pout

The carpet and the floor are clean, 
The poo is off the shoe
They mystery is how I got that
Poo stuck in my shoe

I guess I’ll never know whose dog
Left a treasure on the road
But I have a favor to ask y’all
If I may be so bold..

Please clean up after your dogs
When they poo upon the road
Your neighbors would sure appreciate
clean shoes, cause poo gets old.

Scribbles on the Pew

I was watching a little girl in church on Sunday.  Not quite three, she was an engaging child, sitting with her mom and older sister.  Well behaved, and minding her mom….. or so it looked..

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the little girl doing something.  Mom spoke to her, I couldn’t hear the words, and then the little girl bowed her head against the pew in front of her and burst into tears.  Inconsolable, heartbreaking tears. Mom quickly slipped out of the service with her sobbing child in her arms.

It wasn’t until after the service did I learn what had happened.

The little girl had drawn a beautiful loopy line in pencil on the back of the pew.   Mom had said quietly and gently, “Did you draw that?”   The little one bowed her head in shame, she knew that was a no-no, and then her overwhelming guilt burst forth in tears.  Mom wasn’t mad, instead gathered that little bundle of remorse in a hug to comfort her and reassure her.

We’ve all been there, right?

How many times do we have lapses of judgement ourselves?  Like a child who knows not to write on the furniture, sometimes we forget.

We do stuff we know we shouldn’t..

We say things we know we shouldn’t..

We fail to do things we know we should…

The difference between us and the little child is that we seldom burst into inconsolable, heartbreaking tears in remorse.  Yet, we know that we are forgiven through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Will the little girl have lapses of judgement again?  Of course.

Will we?  Of course.  Daily.

Will we be forgiven?   Over and over and over again.

May we know the sting of guilt, the pain of remorse, and the deep, deep love of Jesus.


Jesus dies for your sin and pain.

Lift your head from shame to grace.

May the God of hope fill you

With all joy and peace in believing,

Wo that by the power of the Holy Spirit,

You may abound in hope.

Martin Rolfs Massaglia and Romans 15:13




To allow or enable escape from confinement; set free.  Allow something to move, act, or flow freely.

When I was a little girl, I would go hiking with the Girl Scouts.  I remember standing on the side of a mountain, looking down, looking out, and wondering what it would feel like to just fall forward.  Mind you, this wasn’t suicidal!  I just wanted the feeling of freedom, of flying.  Of course, even as a child, I knew that wouldn’t end well.

As an adult, I was able to finally experience that feeling of freedom and flying when I went tandem skydiving.  That feeling of having my toes at the edge of the open door, my hands hooked into my shoulder straps and falling forward was the realization of a life long curiosity.  The combination of hurtling through the sky at 120 miles per hour, exhilaration at doing something unusual, feeling the adrenaline rush, and living to tell the tale was more than checking something off the bucket list, it was a growth experience.

I had to let go of fear.. jumping out of a perfectly good airplane is not normal.

I had to let go of outcomes..  It did have the potential to end poorly.

I had to let go of opinions.. phrases like  “you’re crazy” and “don’t do this” could have stopped me from jumping.

To be clear, this was a calculated risk and not completely insane.  I had a very experienced skydiver man strapped to my back. I would not have jumped without him.  That would have been insane.

So for 2016, my word is release.

Release from my expectations, both mine and others.

Release from what I hold so tightly… my time, my desires, my judgments.

Why release? 

When I open my hands, my head, my heart and release what I want, I am ready to receive.

When I release my expectations, I shake free my desires and open up to unlimited possibilities.

When I release my time, I see each day as a gift, grace filled minutes to glorify God.

When I release my desires, I can shift my focus from mine to God’s

Release can sound like giving up, lowering expectations to the point of not caring. For me, release takes the form of holy indifferenceHoly indifference is the inner freedom that allows one to be open to God’s call, unattached to specific outcomes and open to as-yet-unimagined possibilities.”  Courtny Davis Olds.  Marina McCoy shares that “Holy indifference is not about giving up or stoically renouncing God’s good gifts, but rather about making room to be receptive to the new gifts that God constantly wishes to offer”.

I am looking forward to my year of release, of holy indifference.  I invite you to walk alongside me, keep me accountable, and try some releasing of your own. Let’s be surprised by God together!

“What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived, what God has prepared for those who love him,” 1 Corinthians 2:9