Spider Webs

When I was listening to God this morning, I saw the image of a spider web.  Almost invisible, but strong, and blocking my way.

Maybe you have walked through a spider web. An observer can find it somewhat humorous, watching the unsuspecting human flail about, trying to get through that sticky, barely discernible web. Once through, you can still feel the remains clinging to your hair, your lips, your eyelashes, your fingers.  You hope beyond hope that the resident of the web has not also relocated to your body.

We know enough to slow down for speed bumps, avoid potholes, and stop at walls. We can see those blocks. Our minds react with alternate routes.

The barely visible spider webs of life are more difficult. We need to move forward, but don’t know where to start, and there’s the spider.  Someone or something that will be disturbed. Sometimes it is just easier to stay put than to go through. But staying in one place doesn’t encourage growth.

I have been trying to identify the invisible blocks that are keeping me in one place.





What ifs


Opinions of others

The spider webs, the invisible walls, of our lives keep us from experiencing the very best God offers to us.  What might your spider webs be?  What is keeping you from moving forward in your faith, from drawing closer to God.  How are spider webs paralyzing you in your life?

For me, there will always be spider webs, but recognizing they are there, and stepping forward in faith will keep me from being paralyzed in my own fears and growing ever closer towards the person God created me to be.

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