My Word

I gave up making new years resolutions.  It seemed counterproductive, and I was just setting myself up for failure.  Whatever resolution I set for myself was usually broken within a week.  Eat healthy, be less sarcastic, exercise more..human goals that were just unattainable for my human self.

Instead of a list of goals now, I choose one word.  Well, actually, the word chooses me.  A word that pings in my head and starts to grow and settle into my life until it curls up in my heart.  They are growth words, words that are smaller in my life than they should be, ones that God wants to work on with me.

Several years ago, my word was Emmanuel. “God with Us”.  Not a goal, but a reminder with each breath of whose I am, where my strength and protection comes from, and the source of my joy.

Thirst.  My word for 2014.  It started with a thirst for the word of God. It grew to thirst for community. Thirst for deeper relationship with Jesus.  Thirst for understanding justice and privilege.

Listen.  The word that choose me this year is listen.   Not sure where God is going to take me with this, but as it takes hold in my life, I will be learning how to slow down and listen to God, listen to my colleagues, listen to my family.  Be present in the conversation. Listen in silence. Maybe even listen to my own heartbeat.

What one word is bouncing around in your head lately?  What is God whispering in your ear?

Walk with me on this one word journey.  I would love to travel with you as this year unfolds and God is revealed in unexpected ways.

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