Beauty From Chaos

Steampunk. There are a lot of definitions, but I like this one:

Steampunk art mixes modern ideas and technology with those from the past, namely the Victorian Age, when the Industrial Revolution was in full swing and steam was a major source of power.

Maybe I relate to Steampunk. Mixing modern ideas with those from the past. I am particularly drawn to the steampunk art.

I feel like steampunk art.

Beauty from chaos. Beauty from a bunch of gears, nuts, bolts, pipes, washers, thinga ma bobs, doo-hickys, and whatchamacallits.

Most mornings, I feel like a pile of those things, heaped in the middle of the floor of this world.

Not much to look at.

No parts seem to work together.

Not even sure where to start.

We, you and me, have our own personal steampunk artist, though.

Our artist looks at the pile of junk, old stuff, the thingys and the doo-hickys, and the whatchamacallits, and sees beauty.

Our artist starts carefully choosing pieces out of our personal piles of chaos and putting them in a special order.

Our artist adds new parts, modern ideas, stretching us to learn and grow as our old parts work with the new.

As our artist works, we try to help.

We rearrange parts to meet our needs.

We resist some of the new parts. They are uncomfortable. They feel weird against our well worn stuff.

At the end of each day,

Our help may have hindered, but not stopped, our artist.

Our artist has not been able to use all the thingamabobs, doo-hickys, and watchamacalits. but..

At the end of the day, our chaotic pile of junk has been lovingly formed into a resemblance of the artist’s own heart. We are still beloved artwork, gazed upon with deep pride and devotion by the artist. Our artist, the artist who created us from the beginning, bids us rest so the chaotic pile of junk can be shuffled and restored each new day.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10

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