To Be, or Not to Be

I could be invisible.

Well, not literally. I don’t have a magic cloak or anything.

But I realized yesterday that I could go through a day or more without seeing or talking to another human being.

My husband travels, so when he is gone, I am home alone.

I work out of my home office, alone.

I communicate via email, skype, facebook, text, and phone.

I could actually get through a day without speaking or seeing anyone.

Banking? Direct deposit, online transfers, and ATM’s.

Gas the car? Self Serve.

Post Office? Self Serve

Eat? I can go to the self check out line at the grocery store.

If I don’t want to cook? I can go online to Panera Bread, order my food for rapid pick up, pay with a credit card on line, and then run to Panera Bread and pluck my order off of a shelf without talking to anyone.

My life could be reduced to keypads, keyboards, and credit cards.

All for convenience.

All for saving time.

All for the sake of modern technology


Although sometimes being invisible sounds really inviting, it’s not healthy. It’s not sustainable, and well, it’s just plain BAD for you and it’s bad for others.

Arguably, one could be in the middle of a crowd and be invisible. One could even be with one other person and be invisible. Watch people at a restaurant… but I digress…

We are human beings. BE-ings.

Be what, exactly?

Be alone? With over 7 billion people on the earth now, we are hardly alone.

Be secluded? Difficult, but not impossible.

Maybe God invites us into BE-ing with others.

Be a kind word.

Be a gentle touch.

Be an encourager

Be an interested listener

Be a compassionate heart

Be the eyes of one who cares

Who can you BE somebody for today? You don’t have to be groundbreaking, super holy, awesome to just BE.

Maybe that cranky clerk at the DMV needs a friendly smile. You may be the only person who will see past the crank and into the heart.

Maybe the high school kid at the fast food place is bullied. You may be the only person today that looks him in the eye and makes him feel valued.

Maybe the clerk at the grocery store just had a customer yell at her. Your kindness and patience may soften the harsh words she just heard.

MAYBE by interacting with people instead of keyboards, self-serve and self check lines, and online ordering, you (and I) can make a difference in someone’s day.

Dare ya.

Double dare ya.

Be a human being today.

Rock someone’s world.

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